Being a Graphic Designer!!!


There is always be something that everyone keeps to themselves. Thus, this section of my website is dedicated to everything about me and I hope that through these, you are able to know more about the person behind Mahesh Kehsur.

Deeply in love with shapes, colors and fonts. Especially working for Brand Identity Creation and Packaging designs. Professional cunt since 2003 and having rich experience of working with diverse array of corporate and freelancing and continuous interest in creating distinct and personalized designs for clients integrated idea of converting their vision into designs. I always enjoys the creative challenge, working directly with clients, and pushing myself to produce a best work possible.

Specifically working with today era’s software of designing. Area of interest in designing will be Communication design, Strategy Planning, development of Hierarchy for design project, editorial design, interactive media which accommodates into the design.

Most important aspect of my designing is to treat each project as individual and try to understand pre and post aspect first then work on the design. A timely commitment of the design is a motto to me.

For me my world is RGB and CMYK. Love to reads in fonts and colors.

Apart from Profession, I am in deep love with hobby of wildlife photography & highway biking to explore a nature. Exploring nature’s beauty always helps me to accelerate my imagination which helps me in my profession of graphic designing also.


I made Visual of your Thinking!!!

Team work is always best


Mahesh Keshur

Founder, Director & Designer

Priyank Dhami

Marketing Head

Krish Pandya

Web Developer & Designer